More Art, Small Update

So one of the things I've begun is a tabletop playtest of the mechanics of my game. It's a bit hard to simulate the RTS aspects of it, but the world building and other features are pretty easy to test in something like a D&D Campaign, which I've begun. So far it's brought up a few points that I hadn't considered, which is already way more than I was expecting. 

I've also continued to dabble in the art. After the tower, I started working on character style. 

Basic Guy.png

Test 1

This ones based off the sprites from FF6. 

New Piskel (1).png

Test 2

We have a design based off Chasm's sprite art, more articulate arms and legs

Soooo... Works in progress, they're pretty basic. I'll take these basic drafts and see if I can give them some personality over the next week.