Hey! I have NOT been bored

It's been a busy week, I know I said I'd update regularly, but man, did I overestimate the time I'd have to sit down at a computer and type something out. Oh well, back on the horse, and let's try and keep the posts coming.

I'm not sure if you found this page through my new Bored Rewards thing I'm trying out. I am giving away things like Amazon Cards, and sort of playing it by ear as to what people want. I'm trying to grow the advertising base, so that I can afford bigger rewards. My goal is to start giving out some vacations in the future. 
Why give stuff out? Well, it's basically to drum up interest in fighting boredom. Most people will come to register for basically free money, a few may actually be interested in the rest of the site. Advertising helps minimize the actual cost of all this. So if you clicked an ad, thank you! I hope you win. If not now, the rewards aren't going away, so better luck next time!