Destiny 2 and some marketing

I started to explore Facebook advertising, since that's the main way I promote the Bored Rewards page. Facebook offered a free 30 bucks to boost a post, it's been effective but the post I boosted was not a good one. It's the post where I recommend some headphones, then link you to the gift card give away to. Most people just checked out the headphones. My mistake!

So apparently I gotta boost likes to the page. With enough people who like to enter giveaways interested in the page, it'll be no problem when they go live to get a bunch of people interested and coming to the page. The more people that show up, the more I can giveaway, the more people will be interested, etc

Oh yeah, Destiny 2 is realllly good. Fight boredom with that. Mwah, <Chef Kiss> Alyndrial on PSN.