Roll That Ball!

I've gotten a bit more time with Unity's tutorials ( My ball now collects pills. Great.

For a for quick ten to fifteen minute video, I'm going through them reallllly slowly. I'm basically taking notes like a college lecture. SUre everything can be found on the Unity Site, but writing helps me remember without have to go back. I'm also trying to not just copy what they are doing and actually understand the code behind the scripts. 

I'm also getting a more detailed idea of what I actually want the game to be. Had a brilliant idea that I may set this game apart. It's gone less Final Fantasy and more Animal Crossing in my head. 

Alright sorry for the short update. If you want some non game development news, I'm in the middle of also learning a new language, and looking for a new job to get me to New York City, so I can live with my fiance. That's pretty much why Unity has become a one night a week project. Oh, I'm also trying to get my cholesterol levels down. Busy, busy, busy.

Namaste! (I'm learning Hindi)

-Chris, Game Design Initiate