Oops... Sorry for the delay

Happy 2017.


So, personal goal, an update every Sunday. Stuff like game development updates, personal thoughts, tabletop updates. Trying to keep myself engaged with the site, and the whole development process while managing the rest of life. Yes, it’s also Monday, but it’s a holiday, so to me it’s a Sunday.


Anyways, got a bit distracted by the Holidays. Some work has been completed. I’ve been going through the Unity tutorial for the ball rolling. I highly recommend starting here. It’s a good tutorial where they get you familiar with the tools, and recommend proper organization.


Now the feels. Man…. when my ball moved from something I did… holy crap. Good feeling. This one's short, I have to wrap this up to work on the Unity project some more, study some Hindi (I’ll explain that another time), and find a new job in NYC.


Hoping your 2017 is productive, interesting and positive.

~Chris, Game Design Initiate