The Beginning

Hi, lets talk about getting started in Unity...


Actually I guess I should describe why I chose Unity instead of another system, like Gamemaker: First,

From my research, I saw the coding was minimal in Game Maker, which is good, but I really want a lot of control on the project that I think diving into the guts of game is the only way to get. I’m not afraid of coding, I have a few years experience with it, and despite having to wipe about 5 years of dust off from that part of my brain, I’m not as worried about it as, maybe, I should be. Will this be a terrible choice? I guess you’re going to have to keep checking back with me on this. 

Another reason I chose unity is my personal game* is going to be a bit complicated behind the scenes. RPG systems I imagine, are more difficult to institute in a game than other more actiony games. I may be entirely wrong in this. Doing a bit of research, it looked like Unity offered the most flexibility, over other systems like GameMaker. I also haven’t seen any RPG’s made in Game Maker, meanwhile unity has some very impressive ones.


*Oh sidenote, when I say personal game, the game I really want to publish is also not the game I’ll most likely make first. I want to get a lot of experience behind me before I even start tackling it. I’ve got several ideas for other games, that are different and hopefully fun.


That is about the extent of why I picked Unity. We’ll see as I start to learn the systems and get familiar with the coding and interface if I’ve made a mistake or not, but I don't think I have, pretty confident in my choice. 

-Chris, Game Design Initiate