Laser Tag

I have  a few friends coming down in two weeks, so I picked up some Laser Tag guns. I'll link the ones I picked up at the bottom. Man do they feel good with the feedback and sounds. Used them for about 15 minutes with the girlfriend, and we didn't pull off any tactical combat or re-enact some Call of Duty action, we just point at each other and pulled the trigger. Which, turns out, still fun.  I bought two sets of 2, my brother will be bring another set, so somewhere on Long Island, a bunch of dudes are going to be running around the woods like big kids... cause we are.

Destiny 2 and some marketing

I started to explore Facebook advertising, since that's the main way I promote the Bored Rewards page. Facebook offered a free 30 bucks to boost a post, it's been effective but the post I boosted was not a good one. It's the post where I recommend some headphones, then link you to the gift card give away to. Most people just checked out the headphones. My mistake!

So apparently I gotta boost likes to the page. With enough people who like to enter giveaways interested in the page, it'll be no problem when they go live to get a bunch of people interested and coming to the page. The more people that show up, the more I can giveaway, the more people will be interested, etc

Oh yeah, Destiny 2 is realllly good. Fight boredom with that. Mwah, <Chef Kiss> Alyndrial on PSN. 

A site in progress

Been spending more time fleshing out the site. Fighting Boredom isn't something one man can do alone. My goal for this site was to get articles from the community, to create a site full of experiences. If you left everything to me, you'd have a website heavily biased towards video games and tabletop stuff... and whiskey. 
So part of building this community involves finding folks. Not one hundred percent comfortable sending people here to be honest, since it's still pretty raw. So kind of a weird situation. Don't want to drum up awareness, but it'll take me forever to fill this site alone. 

Hey! I have NOT been bored

It's been a busy week, I know I said I'd update regularly, but man, did I overestimate the time I'd have to sit down at a computer and type something out. Oh well, back on the horse, and let's try and keep the posts coming.

I'm not sure if you found this page through my new Bored Rewards thing I'm trying out. I am giving away things like Amazon Cards, and sort of playing it by ear as to what people want. I'm trying to grow the advertising base, so that I can afford bigger rewards. My goal is to start giving out some vacations in the future. 
Why give stuff out? Well, it's basically to drum up interest in fighting boredom. Most people will come to register for basically free money, a few may actually be interested in the rest of the site. Advertising helps minimize the actual cost of all this. So if you clicked an ad, thank you! I hope you win. If not now, the rewards aren't going away, so better luck next time!


Fighting Boredom With Nature

Almost anywhere I've lived has been within driving distance of a nice park, some hiking trails, or just a place to wander around with some trees. Walking is usually free, so this a pretty cheap way to fight boredom as well. 

Google will guarantee you find something. "State Park Near Me," and it'll pull up a list near you with a few details, and reviews. Fill a bottle with some water, and head out. If you're like my fiancee, it's a great chance to fill up instagram too.

It's Been a While

Hey, it's been a while. PC's fixed, and I'm back in action. New goal is to update this at least once a day. 

Why? Cause I am a creature of habit, and that's the best way to build one. So they might not all be gems.

Like I mentioned above, the PC I do pretty much everything on died, an Asus ROG something something. They repaired it for free though, so I'm pretty happy. 


Roll That Ball!

I've gotten a bit more time with Unity's tutorials ( My ball now collects pills. Great.

For a for quick ten to fifteen minute video, I'm going through them reallllly slowly. I'm basically taking notes like a college lecture. SUre everything can be found on the Unity Site, but writing helps me remember without have to go back. I'm also trying to not just copy what they are doing and actually understand the code behind the scripts. 

I'm also getting a more detailed idea of what I actually want the game to be. Had a brilliant idea that I may set this game apart. It's gone less Final Fantasy and more Animal Crossing in my head. 

Alright sorry for the short update. If you want some non game development news, I'm in the middle of also learning a new language, and looking for a new job to get me to New York City, so I can live with my fiance. That's pretty much why Unity has become a one night a week project. Oh, I'm also trying to get my cholesterol levels down. Busy, busy, busy.

Namaste! (I'm learning Hindi)

-Chris, Game Design Initiate


A Week of Contemplation

So most of the work done on the project this week didn't involve programming or art. I've neglected talking about design here, and the importance of it. I've designed a few table top games, mostly for my personal DnD crew, to add new experiences into our campaign. What I've realized is game design is probably the hardest part. It's not something as tangible as, say, coding a ball to move. Does it Move? Yes or no. "Is it fun?" is soooo subjective. We can all agree when a ball moves. Ask what game is fun on the internet though and you can start a small war.

Thinking about what makes a game fun, what is the goal of this game has kind of been my focus this week. I started by asking myself a few questions.

The first question: Is there a story I want to tell or do I want the player to tell his own story?

There's stories I want to tell, and there are worlds I want to create so you can tell your own. Great, so I want to do both. I'm just starting however and I think the open world may be the tougher of the two to make. The more systems interacting with each other, the more chances for chaos and bugs. So maybe the focus behind telling a story is the way to go for my first attempt. Verdict: STORY

Second Question:   What systems (ways for players to interact with the world) am I going to try to tell this story with?

First I'm leaning towards RPG. I've been a huge Final Fantasy fan since the original Nintendo, I've played every single one, even the MMO's. When I think giant epic story, that's where my brain goes first. They are a bit like movies though, you have a course you are traveling through in this world, there's going to be a big final battle, you'll kill the big bad guy. Those things are set the second you start playing. What's a fun way to spice that up? What if the big bad changed depending on you? The Shadow's of Mordor Nemesis system was a thing of beauty. That might be something we can borrow some systems from. 

All my current story telling is being done at DnD night. My players don't have dialog trees but they do have social interaction skills and alignments that go towards making their decisions. Maybe this is something that can be worked in to the game to give the character you play more personality.

Combat. Is combat even a thing in my story? Probably. I love the idea of a Gone Home, or Undertale, games where there's no combat or  where all conflict can be resolved without bloodshed, but I don't think this is going to be one of those games. So what will it be like? Turn-Based and quick, like Final Fantasy X. I don't want players to watch a meter charge, or set an auto attack and walk away. I want them to be engaged strategically, but no twitch combat. Like I said, RPG. I do think each combat will be a special thing, and not a random encounter. You can murder everyone in the world if that appeals to you, but I'll have consequences. 

Well, that's probably enough of my ramblings. Hopefully you were able to ask yourself some questions if you are designing your own game.