Bored individuals

Boredom must die!


We are creating a resource for anyone who's bored. Come here to find ideas to fight boredom, or suggest your own ideas to combat the tedium of life, and some day, we may just conquer it... FOREVER.


Also we're making a game.


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I started this for many reasons, but mainly, I was bored, and I was really feeling the urge to create something. I hope to fill this site with entertaining content, art, music, articles, podcasts, draft rules for table top games and eventually Bored Individuals will publish a real live video game or two. 


Fighting Boredom

Need help fighting boredom? This is how the professionals do it.


Got time to listen?

Here we recommend podcasts and apps, to help you keep your ears entertained. 


Idle hands?

Got nothing to do with your hands? Here's our suggestions on what you can bust out to fight that hand boredom.


Total Focus

This stuff will take all your attention.